What is a Positive Psychologist?

I help you unlock your superpowers (core character strengths) and form habits to use them every day: at school and work, with your family and friends, and in your community.

tight rope

Exercising your superpowers, according to the research from the field of Positive Psychology, can help you to create an upward spiral in your life by

  • increasing the connections you make with others
  • improving your relationships
  • increasing your performance in school and at work
  • finding purpose and meaning in your life

Most psychologists help you take disconnected parts of your life and weave them into an integrated story that makes sense. The goal is to help you get back on your feet, bringing you up from the basement level to the ground floor. Then you can resume your life.

That’s where a Positive Psychologist is just getting started!

Rather than looking down and asking yourself, “what’s holding me back?” I want to help you look skyward. Once you are standing on solid ground, I help you reach for your potential. Ask yourself:

How can I use my superpowers to address the world’s greatest needs?

Let’s find out!