What is a Positive Psychologist?

Psychologists were trained for over a century to be problem-solvers, the experts who diagnose problems that interfere with emotions, behavior, or thinking. Traditionally-trained Psychologists find the problem and provide a solution.

Positive Psychologists help you thrive, flourish, and be happier, expanding the other side of how you function. Positive Psychologists identify your signature character strengths (I call them your superpowers) and help you to form habits to use them every day: at school and work, with your family and friends, and in your community.

Happy Family

Exercising your superpowers, according to the research from the field of Positive Psychology, creates an upward spiral in your life. This upward spiral broadens and builds your capacity, expanding your focus (what you see and take in) and improving your health, emotional resilience, and problem-solving abilities.

This upward spiral can:

  • increase the connections you make with others
  • improve your relationships
  • level-up your performance in school and at work
  • make it easier to find purpose and meaning in your life

Traditionally, psychologists help you get back on your feet, bringing you up from the basement level to the ground floor. Then you can resume your life.

That’s where a Positive Psychologist is just getting started!

Rather than looking down and asking yourself, “what’s holding me back?” as a Positive Psychologist, I want to help you focus on your upward potential. You don’t just need a list of things to avoid or cut down. Embracing your superpowers can give you a reason to get up in the morning and start your day.

There are 24 superpowers in Positive Psychology. What’s yours? Do you:

  • get fired up by making something new? (superpower of Creativity)
  • notice the good in the world? (Gratitude)
  • feel awe with the natural world all around you? (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)
  • stand up for what is right? (Bravery)

If you want to learn how you can use your superpowers to address the world’s greatest needs, watch my TEDx talk here.

If you want to take a survey to identify your own signature character strengths, click here.