Be More MINDFUL and do it WITH your kids!

Can’t get to the gym? Is self-care a luxury you can’t afford? What if you could make it fun and do it over dinner, in the car, at bedtime? Get healthier and be a better parent at the same time! Turn your self-care into a game you can play with your kids. Learn More

Meet Dr. Robert Zeitlin

Positive Psychologist

There are a lot of problems that need fixing. I’ve been that Psychologist for years. Now I work from a platform of strengths not symptoms … as a Positive Psychologist.

How does that work? I help take you from doing OK to feeling GREAT. If you are searching for ways to do better for yourself and for your kids, I definitely have some powerful ideas that can help. Read More

Work with Robert

I work with parents who want to “level up” and meet other parents who do, too. Do you want to learn how to make (and keep) rock-solid promises to yourself? How can you prioritize self-care and step back from that last-minute Science Project without pulling your hair out?

You may need the reality check you can get with a group of moms and dads like you. I offer several levels of support that can help you raise the kick-ass kids we will all need in the future! Read More

Laugh More, Yell LessLaugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids is a book for parents that want to stress less and find time for the things that matter: self-care, a stronger partnership, and raising kids for an uncertain future. Robert sifted through the most relevant research in Positive Psychology to deliver seven tools you can implement right now to increase the joy and laughter in your family. Robert is the father of two kick-ass kids and has been married for over 25 years to an amazing woman. Join him to create a community of parents dedicated to using positivity and character strengths to prepare tomorrow’s leaders.


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