Are you in quarantine SURVIVAL MODE?

Your kids need you. The school needs you. Your partner needs you. Your bank account needs you. And you? In a pandemic, Moms’ and Dads’ needs come last. I want to offer you a hand. Learn More

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Dr. Robert Zeitlin
Positive Psychologist

Working from home is impossible when you need to keep everyone fed and clean, manage your kids’ distance learning, and occasionally have to stop them from killing each other. Without your usual support and the space you need to take of yourself, how do you keep your sanity? You may ask, “what’s the point of even trying?” Here’s the point: it’s still your job, at least to maintain some normalcy for your kids. We all need help sometimes to get our stuff together. Learn more about Dr. Zeitlin’s free “Stuck-at-Home Parenting Workshops.” CLICK HERE

Laugh More, Yell Less: Stuck-at-Home Edition

In 2105, I shared a message from the future. Well, folks, the future is here. And it is NOT what we predicted. Every challenge also offers an opportunity. Let’s take advantage of this moment. For the last 20 years, I have been helping moms and dads to become the parents their kids deserve. I am a licensed professional, a Positive Psychologist, and the happily-married (for almost 30 years) father of two kick-ass (now grown) kids. You are never going to get ANOTHER chance like this to make your mark as a parent. Think of all that you are learning about your kids …and about yourself …and about your partner. Use this new edition of “Laugh More, Yell Less” to dive in and transform “we have to” into “we get to.” READ MORE