Companion Guide for “Better Partner”

How do I get my partner to read this?

“How to Be a Better Partner: A Brief Illustrated Guide for Dads” gives you choices:

The parent who just wants a couple hacks to try can read the first section like a Grab & Go market.

You can go as deep as you want … or stop there.

But how do I get my partner to read the book? You may not know how to ask.

Are you the partner trying to do better? You may not know how to get the conversation going.

How can you start these difficult conversations?

This question is the biggest challenge for this book.

I am building a companion guide on my website for people who want to use my book to make things better with their partner. I could use your help.

My request:

Are you trying to pick up more of the slack at home? It’s not easy! I hate to admit it but I can count more failures than successes. How about you? I bet you have a story that you can share!

  • Have you tried to ask your partner if you are doing better?
  • Have you found a way to approach your partner about sharing the load without getting into another fight about it?

I want to know what you learned, even if it didn’t go well. I know that you have a goldmine of experiences. If you are willing to share, I want to hear your story!

I can go faster alone (create a tip sheet myself) but I can go further with your help. Couples are asking me for a companion guide to my upcoming book, “How to Be a Better Partner: A Brief Illustrated Guide for Dads.”

If I can share insights with couples who could gain from your successes … and your missteps, we can help more families figure out this balancing act. Fill out a short survey here.