But I’m Not a Teacher!

A parent’s guide to learning under lockdown

This is an overwhelming time for parents. There is no getting around how much stress the coronavirus pandemic is creating. It’s simply impossible to continue to make a living … while you take care of your family 24/7 … without getting any real break for yourself. And now you are facing distance learning head-on.

Even more than this endless list, the uncertainty is maddening. Without the luxury of feeling confident that you know what will happen next, you can’t make things normal for your kids.

If you have more questions than you can list, I want to give you a place to start. I am offering you a framework and a game plan that you can follow to return some sense of normalcy to your life and your family environment.

Ninety-nine percent of what the pandemic brought is destructive. Make this one percent constructive. Use the ideas in this book to turn “How the heck am I supposed to homeschool my kids?!” into an opportunity.

Schools don’t know your kids like you do. This parent’s guide gives you the tools to upgrade your child’s learning.

Here’s what you can expect from reading “But I’m Not a Teacher! A Parent’s Guide to Learning Under Lockdown”

  • a book that takes less than one hour to read: Amazon has ranked this book in their top 100 “One-Hour Parenting & Relationships Short Reads” including…
    • 24 detailed tips to give your kids what they need
    • a Positive Psychologist’s insight into Learning Superpowers
    • a breakdown of your child’s 5 biggest obstacles to virtual schooling:
      • when you can’t focus
      • being treated like a robot
      • screen time
      • when you don’t have enough sleep
      • when you get distracted

Are you ready to learn how to manage virtual learning without losing your … er, sanity?

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