Create Your Own Free Father’s Day Card

What is Father’s Day?

Is it a day to honor your father? to celebrate your masc parental figure? or to give Dad a break?

Yes to all of these, and …

Today you get to make your own FREE Father’s Day card!

(My Mom would be so proud that we are subverting Hallmark’s plan for profiting from your family’s celebrations!)

Follow this link and use the instructions in the video below to make your own Father’s Day card from a template I created on Canva.


  1. Make a copy of the template by clicking this link, then choose “use template.” This will add a copy of the template to your Canva account. (if you don’t have a Canva account, you can sign up for free)
  2. Once you open your copy of the template, you can upload your own images to replace the template images.
  3. To change the images in the design, you can click on one of the placeholder images (the letters in D-A-D) and press Replace (on mobile) or drag an image you uploaded (on desktop) into the design and hover the image over one of the placeholder images. Once it’s laying on top of the placeholder image, let go and the image will update in the design.
  4. If you want to reposition the image in the frame, double-click the image and you’ll be able to move it around in the frame to where you want it to be.
  5. To write your message, simply click on the text “CLICK HERE TO WRITE YOUR OWN MESSAGE,” select all (ctrl+A or command+A on Mac) and begin typing to replace the template messaging.
  6. To download and share your image, click share in the upper right corner. Then click Download and then click the purple Download button. From there you can share via email, put the card on social media or send it as a text message. (You can also download the Canva mobile app and save the image directly to your mobile device).

Remember to tag #bestdadever and me:

photo credit: Hugo Ruiz/Unsplash

original greeting card design: Viktoriya Yatskina/Canva