Strength-Based Therapy

Strength-Based Therapy with Children, Teens and Adults

My approach in therapy is collaborative and interactive. I listen with empathy to discover what makes my client resilient. What are the inner resources that allow her or him to recover from set-backs?

We can all experience temporary break-downs in our ability to use our resilient powers effectively. But with support and guidance, most people are able to marshal their resources, regain confidence in their ability to manage their lives, and feel empowered to resume their positive growth and development.

When working with school-age children, I meet with parents regularly and reach out to the school and other adults who play significant roles in the child’s life. Lasting change requires broader collaboration in addition to one-to-one therapy sessions.

Teenagers appreciate a nonjudgmental, outsider perspective while they navigate transitions in their social, physical, and emotional lives. Teens often tell me that they benefit from a sounding board to help them develop their strengths and sharpen their decision-making skills.