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She’s growing up

I sit back, her kiss still fresh on my cheek, her laughter still echoing in the car, and watch my little girl climb the steps to the preschool at our local synagogue. In a month, I thought, she’ll be sleeping in her own new bed and making all new friends. No, she’s not five. She’s […]

Warning Label for Parents

Babies don’t come with a manual. At least they should have a warning label on their little hospital cap for the new parent: WARNING: Parenting may cause stress. Sources of stress include Facebook, your friends, relatives, societal pressure, and a lack of support. On the back, they should caution you against the pressure you feel […]

Yes you can…

…do *LESS* for your kids You aren’t just raising a child. You are preventing colon cancer. You wake up every morning to pave the road to an Ivy League education. Face it: before you get out of bed in the morning, you hoist the weight of the world on your shoulders. As a parent, your […]

What are you waiting for?

Heroes take action. We admire people who act boldly. But sometimes we overdo our fascination with “taking action.” We like to say: Don’t just sit there, do something. Get to your desk early and stay until closing time. We become slaves to the clock, not to innovating or growing. We act busy and tell ourselves […]

Who is on Your “Starting Five”?

Author Jim Rohn suggested that you are the “average” of the five people with whom you spend the most time in your life. Think about the people with whom you spend the most time each day. (Take a moment and write down a list of your top five.) Now ask yourself: Are the people on your […]

What is YOUR parenting superpower? (new workshop)

A question for all parent and grandparent Superheroes Click Here to open the flyer WHAT: Interactive workshop to learn how superpowers and mindfulness can be useful for parents GOALS/OBJECTIVES: Build a habit of mindfulness. Formulate a plan to exercise your superpowers. WHERE: Coopertown Elementary School library, 800 Coopertown Rd, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 WHEN: Wednesday, October 5th […]

What can you change?

I have worked in large urban public schools for over 15 years and my kids have gone through public elementary, middle, and high schools in suburbs. I have two front-row seats to witness How Schools Really Work: Extreme Edition. If a school is running “properly,” consistent funding relies on state and federal grants. Students in these […]

WORKSHOP: Finding Your Parenting Superpower

I am so pleased to announce a workshop I will lead at Friends’ Central School on March 10th at 7pm titled: Laugh More, Yell Less: Finding Your Parenting Superpower. At this interactive workshop (flyer below), I will reveal the hard science behind parenting superpowers and then we will be outfitting parents in colorful spandex and capes […]