Dr. Robert Zeitlin

Positive Psychologist, Parenting Coach

Dr. Robert Zeitlin is a happily married husband for over 30 years and the proud father of two kick-ass young adults.

Dr. Zeitlin feels called to advocate for the unlimited potential of our next generation. He expresses his advocacy through two decades in private practice with teens, young adults, and their parents; as a public school psychologist; and as the creator and facilitator of dozens of parenting workshops in his community.

Following a lifetime of making sense of his own father and shaping his own fathering journey, ​​Dr. Zeitlin has formally studied men and masculinity for over 20 years – his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) dissertation on boys and learning was published in 2000.

After authoring two books for parents (“Laugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids” and “But I’m Not a Teacher! A Parent’s Guide to Learning Under Lockdown”) and co-hosting the podcast “I Am The Worst Parent Ever,” ​​Dr. Zeitlin created the online program “Be The Best Dad Ever” to enlist fathers to his calling.

Dr. Zeitlin offers online programs, in-person fatherhood support groups, and coaches parents from his offices overlooking the beautiful Schuylkill River in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia.


Good families — even great families — are off track 90 percent of the time! The key is that they have a sense of destination. They know what the “track” looks like. And they keep coming back to it time and time again.

– stephen a. covey

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