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I believe in your kids’ potential. That’s why I want to help you.

My mission to help parents is driven by my concerns about the future. You are raising the next generation of leaders who will fix the problems we couldn’t solve.

I work with parents in several ways:.

⇒ Community ⇐

I run a community on FB called “Parents Like Us” for moms and dads who understand that you can’t help your kids until you help yourself.

Many parents tell me that this is the kind of community they have been looking for.

It’s for parents who want to “level up” and meet other parents who do, too. Are you tired of listening to other parents complain and complain without any plan to change? You may need to find a group of moms and dads like you. To check out “Parents Like Us” sign up below.

⇒ Coaching for Moms and Dads ⇐

I also work with parents and couples individually to help you take your family from good to better.

Usually, coaching engagements last from 1-3 months. What do parents look for?

• I need help getting back to self-care. We can work on the obstacles you find in your way. We will create a vision and then design the best way that works with your busy life to place self-care first, not last.

• My partner and I need to get on the same page. Don’t worry, this isn’t couples counseling. I help you get clearer on the destination for your kids and your family that you each are working to reach. You can do amazing things if you are working in the same direction. Learn how you can zig and zag to handle work pressures and limited time.

• I need to inject more fun and joy in my daily routine. When is the last time you laughed really hard? Are you working head down for 18 years until your kid goes out in the world? That won’t help you on your mission to be a role model of the happy, independent adult you want your children to become — and it can actually hurt you. Invest in yourself. Show your kids someone who seeks fun and attains joy. Do it for you AND athe future adult you are raising.

• I need to find a place of calm and to get better sleep. Getting full, restful sleep creates a ripple effect on your mood, your mental resources, and your relationships. I help you grow small daily habits into morning and evening routines. Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. You would be amazed at how much more you can accomplish.

Individual/Couple Coaching can give you a boost to get these parts of your life on track.
If you are interested in learning more, tell me how I can help (on the form below) and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


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If joining a group or working with me is not right for you, you are totally invited to play along at home. I publish my thinking here on Medium and on my blog. I get a kick out of sharing my ideas with you and hearing your feedback.