For the One Who Calls You “Daddy”

Are you ready to join the Fatherhood Support Group?

What can a Fatherhood Support Group do for you?

I feel the pressure to support my family financially but I want to be more to my kids than a bank. I want to be present for them emotionally. I want to be more involved in their lives. How can I do it all?

It’s like fatherhood has become a double-edged sword.

Joining the Fatherhood Support Group can show you an exit ramp from the exhausting work of feeling not-good-enough and not-man-enough. You don’t need to ride these treadmills to be happy and feel connected. Together, we can figure out better options that enable you to step off.

We are creating a new road map for the modern father.

When the world feels like it is crashing around you like a tidal wave, being among friends can help you grab a surfboard. There are moments when you feel that you are standing alone and will never survive.

The demands on you from your family, from the changing face of work, the pandemic, and increased financial demands, are real. They ARE real … AND they are neutral, not good or bad. We give them a value when we choose to label these demands as positive or negative.

You can crouch down in a fetal position in the face of this wave. With support, you can also make the choice to stand tall, use your core strength to balance, and learn to surf.

I have created a place and time for fathers to come together. Here, we can remind each other that we are not alone. We can stumble and ask for a hand-up.

In daily life, it is hard to ask for help or to slow down to lend a hand. Here, we can support each other to cope. When you take the time to understand another father’s situation, you also learn about yourself.

When you are ready to learn to “surf” these waves, join us in Manayunk on Tuesday night. Get in touch here for details.

You can find also more information about the online version of the Be The Best Dad Ever program here.