The Winner is …

Who do you want to be?

Me? I am The Best Dad Ever.

Did I win a prize? Am I hanging a medal around my own neck?

No, nothing like that.

This isn’t a one-time achievement like the Nobel Peace Prize. Creating myself as The Best Dad Ever is an infinite game. There isn’t a finish line. I get the chance to win this prize every day that I am blessed to wake up.

Every day is a new chance to exceed the dad I was yesterday. Today, I can become the best dad that I have ever been. The sky is the limit.

In 2018, I shared my transformation into a Positive Psychologist with a TEDxYouth audience at a local high school. I shared my story of committing to daily, consistent work to achieve my goal. I told the students and families in the audience where they could begin their own journeys.

I did not get to that stage by accident. I was invited by Christina, a friend who shares my mission to prepare the next generation of leaders. The opportunity that Christina gave me to share my story from the TEDxYouth stage was not fortuitous. I worked hard to get there, over years of practice and intentional contributions to my community.

I didn’t take the opportunity to share my story lightly. I worked my butt off to take full advantage of the chance I had earned. I showed up to game day ready to play.

I’m not telling you that I felt confident and grounded. I was SO nervous! In the months preceding the event, I wrote and rewrote my talk. I consulted a public speaking coach, an actor friend, and my therapist. I rehearsed and rehearsed. Then I rehearsed some more. Preparing to give my TEDx talk took dozens of hours.

Life doesn’t always give you a second chance. I put in the work to produce a result that I could be proud of.

I put in the work. That’s what I do.

If you put in consistent, intentional work, you can get anything that you want.

What do you want? Who do you want to be for the most important people in your life?

Take a moment to think about the contribution you are making in the lives of the people you love and who love you. Are you a good listener to your partner? Are you a generous member of your community? Are you an understanding sibling?

The greatest leverage you will ever have in the world is how you show up for your kids, including how you show up with your partner.

If one of the things that you want is to be The Best Dad Ever for your kids, I have good news. I have put in the work to create a program that can help you be more connected, and even have more fun.

What can you commit to do each day for your self-care, your fitness, and your mental health?

My personal goal is to be 1 percent happier, 1 percent more fit, 1 percent more emotionally intelligent, ​and 1 percent more fun every day. Every day, I slow down 1 percent more to respond instead of reacting.

If you want to create your own commitment, come join some other dads like you. We can all use some collaborators. Register for our next cohort!