How to Raise a Man Who Listens:
The #metoo movement brought to light a glaring issue in today’s society: there’s a shift taking place with power dynamics in the workplace, politics, and intimate relationships. How are men responding to it? Dr. Robert Zeitlin provides both parents and young men alike with practical steps to build greater empathy, compassion, and listening skills so they can positively impact the environments they join.

The Power of Positive Parenting:
Building off the 7 principles that were the basis of his groundbreaking book “Laugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids,” Dr. Robert Zeitlin inspires parents to become the role models that they want their kids to see. By guiding them to embrace their “superpowers,” to laugh more, play more, and to be more present with their children, Robert helps parents create the family culture that will provide a launching pad for tomorrow’s leaders.

Mindfulness for Kids:
Dr. Robert Zeitlin draws from his extensive background in the field of positive psychology to introduce parents to the concept of mindfulness, providing them with simple, easy-to-use techniques they can bring home to their families. Mindfulness can address anxiety, strengthen focusing abilities, and increase attentiveness to academic tasks. Research has shown that when a parent models a calm, problem-solving approach, their kids will do the same.

Raising Happy Kids
Have you ever thought to yourself, “I just want my child to be happy!” That’s what all parents want for their children. In this interactive workshop/lecture, Dr. Robert Zeitlin introduces the powerful new research from Positive Psychology to parents, helping them broaden their idea of happiness and success. Robert shares several techniques to help parents and grandparents to raise healthy, happy, and independent adults who can manage anger, cope with frustration, and learn self-control and perseverance.




  • Content Contributor to It’s Your Turn, Good Men Project, UnCOMMEN, Safe Kids Stories, and the Huffington Post
  • Storyteller at the Good Men Project Live Storyteller Event in NYC
  • Participant in ParentCampUSA, held at the US Department of Education in Washington, DC (first national ParentCamp)
  • Moderator for #PTchat (four year old Twitter chat focusing on the parent-teacher alliance)
  • Participant in EdCampLDR, a participant-driven “un-conference” for educational leaders at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education
  • Participant in a Symposium dedicated to “Integrating School Climate Reform Efforts” at the Institute for Restorative Practices in Bethlehem, PA
  • Creator of “Pop-Up PD’s” (an informal, participant-driven professional development opportunity to share best practices and take advantage of the resources within a school and among the staff)
  • Contest Participant in the “XQ Super School Project,” entering a concept for re-imagining high school called “School for Superheroes,” in process of building design team
  • Foreword Author on public education, “Stop the Bus” by Nathaniel A. Turner, J.D.
  • Facilitator of The Leader in Me program (Stephen R. Covey’s application of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to education) at W.C. Longstreth Elementary in Southwest Philadelphia
  • Facilitator for small group discussions for SpeakUp! at local area middle and high schools
  • Supporter to local initiative to fund full-day Kindergarten at the School District of Haverford Township
  • Segment content contributor on parenting and mental health to Dad Spotlight podcast


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