Five Cool Things | August 8, 2022

I find a lot of cool stuff on my journey, seeking to upgrade my life. Each Monday at noon Eastern, I share my latest treasures with you for fun and to help fathers to become The Best Dad Ever.

Resources mentioned in this video:

About the making of Fury Road, the 4th installment in the Mad Max series:

The how-to book:

The Golden Age of television:

Streaming movies I shared this week:

  • The Gray Man on Netflix, another head-spinning directorial turn by the Russo brothers
  • Logan starring then-11-year-old Dafne Keen, kicking ass and taking names

I’m open to new media and resources that you want me to check out and feature in future videos.

There is a lot of talk on social media but not a lot of conversation. I am open to bucking the trend of talking and yelling.

Send me stuff. I’m listening!