Dads Come Prepared

The last couple of years have proven one thing. We have NO IDEA what’s coming next.

Dads are trained to prepare for the worst. We were raised as boys to adopt a warrior mindset, ready to defend ourselves against bullies and all aggressors. As men, then as fathers, and now as Dads, we protect our own.

Like warriors, we learned to watch the horizon and anticipate the downside. A sense of our own mortality comes with this training.

Each day, like a warrior going off to battle, Dads make sure that “things are in order” …just in case.

Like many Dads, my sense of mortality comes naturally, from the men in my family dying too young. This is the great tragedy in my life: that I never met my grandfather and that my Dad never met our kids.

I’m changing that story. I will survive.

To change that story, I am intentional in how I live, every day.

My routines like meditating and fitness (flexibility, strength, balance, endurance) are important to me. I rely on the people who support me including the Love of my Life, our kids, my friends, my therapist, and my coach.

I think carefully about what I choose to eat and how I relax and replenish. I make it a priority to connect with the people I love.

Take a moment to look at the priorities that your life has arranged for you. What is one small thing that you can do today to take control of your narrative?

How you live today is how you live every day. Start small.

photo credit: Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

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