Write Now!

Accountability and Support for Creatives (yes, you!)

What is your BHAG?

BHAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goal (coined by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great)

You may not be able to name your BHAG but … you know EXACTLY what it sounds like: it’s the goal that you whisper or don’t even dare to say its name, instead miming with widened eyes and flared nostrils.

I know how that feels. I have trouble naming my Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

When I took on the challenge to write my first book, I was scared to leap. When I applied to the altMBA and when I committed to work with my amazing coach Amber Shirley, I had to sweat out each of those decisions!

Looking back, I wish I had my current support team to tell me that it’s OK, “you’re just scared,” and then give me a loving, gentle shove.

Without that team, I chose to just “go it alone” a million times. I told myself that I had all the tools I needed. I spoke to the mirror with shaky confidence, “YOU CAN DO THIS! You don’t need someone to hold your hand!”

What I learned: willpower doesn’t work. I wasted energy on willpower that I could have used creating.

No matter how much of a lone wolf or introvert you are, you will do better with structure and accountability. We are social animals who work better in packs.

What is that really important thing that you are here to create? The times that I accepted help,…

  • I wrote my first book (thanks Kristin!)
  • I created a podcast (thanks Nicole!)
  • I launched a new model of private practice (thanks Rachel and Tanya!)
  • I am launching Write Now and the EQ Fathers Group (thanks Tortoise Mastermind and Game Changers Experience groups!)
  • I recognized that I am The Emotional Intelligence Coach for Fathers (thanks Amber!)

If you know someone who is poised to do something great, please take their hand, tell them that you will always have their back, and invite them to join you in the Write Now accountability group.

We are coming together to hold hands and leap.


We are joining together for a 90-day journey through the forest of our own doubts and fears in pursuit of completing our most hairy, audacious creative projects.

We meet twice a month (first and third weeks of November, December, and January) on Zoom and convene in between on a private Slack messaging platform where we can ask for spot accountability and share our woes, victories, and fuck-up’s.

The investment to participate is $250/month and we limit each cohort to 20.

This is a peer-driven community. I am creating and holding the “container” but not teaching or planning a curriculum. We all can share what we find, learn, and stumble over along the way.

Some of our amazing creative folx are coming to write their first book, some to build their first workshop (on their way to maybe a course), and one to write a TV series screenplay! We are co-creating this pop-up community to support you in any audacious creative project that pushes you beyond the limits in which you currently remain.

If you are ready to get on board, click below and fill in your email address. I will get back to you within 24 hours.