Are you ready to start KEEPING your promises?

You can break old patterns. You can be a different kind of mom or dad.

As a Positive Psychologist I work from a platform of strengths. Positive Psychology is the study of character and happiness. (There are a lot of problems that need fixing and PLENTY of therapists to help with emotional problems that knock you down and hold you back.) I’m here to help you start keeping promises to yourself.

What does that mean for you?

I can help you go from “doing OK” to feeling GREAT! If you are searching for ways to do better for yourself AND for your kids, I have some powerful ideas that can help.

“I can’t sit on the sideline anymore. I need to get in the game.”

I know how that feels. I was full of doubt as a father. My fear was holding me back from living my full life and giving my kids and my wife my best.

There’s more to life. More fun. More laughter. You can carve a new path for yourself AND for your kids.

My and My Dad, December 1967

I have been researching and creating new ways for parents to “level up” for over 20 years, since my wife was pregnant with our first child. With fatherhood around the corner, I decided to change the patterns with which I grew up. Now I can share the wisdom I’ve gained as a dad of two kick-ass kids (for 22 years), a husband (for 27 years), an educator (for 18 years), and a Licensed Psychologist (for 17 years).

When I was recently asked, “What were your most memorable experiences as a parent,” I surprised myself with the scope of my answer:

All of it. Playing with them when they were little and going to movies with them as teens. Watching them like hawks while they played at the park and, what seems like a moment later, seeing them drive away on their own for the first time. Staying up all night with my seven-year-old daughter when she was sick, visiting my son’s future college for the first time, and watching each of them deliver speeches at their confirmation ceremonies at our synagogue. Sharing their successes and failures. Listening to them talk about their ambitions. And, more than anything, watching them laugh and joke with each other. Their laughter is a return on investment.

Parents often tell me:

“I just want my kids to be happy, to make a contribution to society, and to find work that inspires them.”

Those are great goals. Now, ask yourself, “how am I going to help them get there?” Take a look around. Are you a role model who is happy? Are you contributing to society? Does your work inspire you?

For 20+ years I have researched the best ways to help you achieve these goals and shorten your learning curve.


I have created some toolkits that I would love to share with you:

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