Who Gets Your Best?


Your kids? Your job? Your parents?

What about you?

If you struggle to take care of yourself, the “best” you give them is nowhere near the best you have.

If you don’t honor your own needs, you’re selling a second class product.

I’m not saying anything new. You already know you SHOULD take better care of yourself.

What would it take to turn that “should”
into a rock-solid promise?

Let’s start here. What if I told you:

You’re an amazing mom. Really, you’re actually an amazing woman. I don’t know how you do it all. I know you’re struggling with trying to balance it all. But from where I’m standing, you are doing more for your family than any woman I know.

If you are like the parents in our community, you have abilities that are almost super-human.

I know, I know. That sounds like some Positive Psychology mumbo-jumbo or comic book fantasy. It’s not. It is a fact. This is what I mean:

Every day, you do more than a normal human being should.

Before you start to argue, I will ask you, for just the next 60 seconds, to ignore that internal critic in your head. That’s the voice that tells you, “you never get anything done” and that “you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Let’s turn down the volume on that channel for a minute.

Think about that time you finished your third-grader’s Science Project on two hours sleep … or fit three Walmart’s full of food and clothing into one minivan. How about that time you held your tongue long enough to hear your teenager say, “thanks for listening to me.” Without sarcasm.

In those moments, do you look in the mirror and say:

I am a good mom!

Maybe that isn’t what you say (yet, but we’ll get you there!).

Even if the best you have right now is, “huh, I guess I’m not as bad at this as I thought,” let’s fast forward to the point where you say “I am a good mom!” and you really own it. You breathe it in.

And just for fun, let’s also pretend that your proud look in the mirror stops you cold in your tracks. Imagine that you triggered a moment of awareness, like a lightbulb going off.

What would you do with your moment of insight?

All the stuff that you do, every day, you are already doing without taking care of your greatest asset: you.ou are running a marathon hopping on one foot. And… you’re still getting most of it done!

It’s like you are competing in a marathon hopping on one foot. And… you’re still getting most of it done!

You don’t remember a time when you were not stressed out and exhausted. This is why you have super-human abilities.

What could you do if you woke up tomorrow and did everything that you do, but now you did it all from a position of strength? What if you decided to treat yourself like an Olympic athlete or a Wall Street CEO?

Give that a stir. What would that look like? How would you be organized? What would your mood be like? How would you be with your kids?

I work with parents who want to live and work from a position of strength. I want to invite you to join our community of parents who offer the support and the guidance you need to make — and keep — rock-solid promises to yourself.


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Our community feeds the confidence of a parent like you. You may feel uncertain about the big decisions you have to make. You may struggle with how to cooperate more with your spouse. We all do. The game is always changing. Here’s the key:

You can’t help your kids until you help yourself.

I was full of doubt as a father. I was 100% certain of how much I could do … and didn’t dare challenge my belief. Then I learned some new tricks from studying mindfulness and positivity and how to form a solid new routine. I dared to push against the “wall” of my limitations and was surprised when it swung open like a door on a hinge.

Now I help other parents figure out how much potential you have to lead, to become role models for your kids, and to achieve your dreams.

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