I Need to Earn More Money

There isn’t enough time in the day. The Dads that I meet tell me, “I am constantly on the go and I still can’t seem to make enough money for our family. I simply need to find a way to earn more.”

I coach Dads who were programmed to believe that their value to their family is to be a breadwinner, no matter how much more they know they can be.

The belief that debt and income are the most tangible measures of a Dad’s success is rooted in the fear that you need to provide financial security to earn the love of your family.

The “breadwinner message” overrules our desire to be present in our kids’ lives, our drive to be sensitive and emotionally intelligent, and our intention to be a role model who enjoys their own life.

You may be thinking, “Yeah, but the facts are the facts: We are in debt. We need a bigger house. I need to take on a second job.”

As The Emotional Intelligence Coach for Fathers, I see a bigger underlying problem: You are doing too much and getting back too little. Capitalism doesn’t give a f*ck about you. Your kids do. They need you to live as long as possible.

Working yourself to an early grave isn’t the legacy that your family needs from you. The Best Dad Ever was never graded on the size of his checkbook. The greater ROI lies in your relationships, not your earning potential.

In my work coaching Dads, the questions that I ask over debt and income include, “Are you feeling like yourself?” and “How is your stress level?” and “Where do you turn for help?”

The Be The Best Dad Ever program helps you figure out how to spend your energy wisely. You don’t need to totally reorient your priorities but you can adjust your role in your ​​​​family. Begin by creating a clear picture of who you want to become.

This six-week program is designed to save you time by showing you an exit ramp from the exhausting work of feeling not-good-enough and not-man-enough. You don’t need to ride these treadmills to be happy and feel connected. The Best Dad Ever program provides better options that enable you to step off.

When you are ready for a breakthrough, change can come very quickly. Be The Best Dad Ever is a relatively short program that packs a lot of material. It is a tasting menu that I have curated from the best approaches and insights that I have come across in my own search to upgrade the parent and partner that I am being with my wife and kids.

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photo credit: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio