When I was eight years old, my whole week revolved around the best four hours of TV, all lined up in a slate of Saturday morning cartoons on ABC, our channel 6. I can still see myself in eager anticipation wearing my footie pajamas, gobbling a Frosted Cherry Pop-Tart, sitting cross-legged on the shag carpeting of our living room. I was sitting “too close to the TV” according to my Mom. My favorite show aired last, where Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Aquaman teamed up to fight crime around the globe as “The Super Friends.”

The message that this spectacular show offered this aspiring helper: by coming together, the Super Friends could expand their powers to confront greater problems than they could solve individually. Nearly 50 years later, I feel giddy that I​​ am fulfilling a similar mission, having attracted the most incredible people to team up in my practice. I feel like I have gathered my own league of Super Friends. When we put our talents together, we create solutions that serve our client families at the highest possible level. Our team meets you at your highest potential, supporting parents as the leaders of their families.

Our team is invested in the unique creation of your family. What do I mean by creation? Parents have the power to create a family culture where their kids feel safe to be who they are supposed to be. 

As a strong team of clinicians, we partner with powerful families. The way you conduct yourselves in front of your kids shapes how they will manage their own friendships and relationships. The power of this modeling is why we treat each other the way that we treat our client families, with the secret ingredients of commitment and trust: 

Commitment: We commit to taking radical responsibility for our client families, dedicating all of our resources to the goals we co-create with you. We throw out the hourly model in favor of a longer-term commitment to our client ​​families. Working outside the constraints of the weekly therapy hour, we focus on the horizon, not the clock.

Trust: Our team extends the same level of trust to our clients that we have in each other. We also trust that you know what your family is going to be. We work with the vision and aspirations that are inside you, creating goals that emerge from our conversations with you.

Creating your family culture intentionally requires a coaching context that we call the “Field of Play.” We derive this name from a poem by the 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi:

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.

What we have learned from our super-parent clients (to paraphrase Rumi):

Out beyond feelings of shame and regret, out beyond not-good-enough, parents can create a space, a Field of Play. In that field, where parents can relax and be themselves, their children thrive.

The word play might feel frivolous to you, even decadent. We think, “grown-ups don’t have time for play, we have work to do. Raising kids is serious business.”

As adults, we have learned to regulate play and relaxation. These messages are the parenting version of Rumi’s “ideas of right and wrong.” But, like a splinter in the mind, you know that there is more. You haven’t forgotten how to play.

Where do you get your best ideas? Sitting at your desk or in the shower? The shower, right?

Why is that? When you don’t need to multitask, when you just need to do a simple, automatic task like washing your hair, your mind is finally free to do what it has been trying to do all week: generate ideas and make connections.

You tune in to that same rhythm when you “play hooky.” At the beach, on a hike, or just bingeing a new show together, your family gets to hang out in a timeless state. On a planned game night, family dinner, or playing mini-golf, you can enter your Field of Play. You summon the rhythm when you work together to plan a party or to serve others.

Your Field of Play is always available. You don’t need to travel there. It is like another dimension that is right here with you, waiting for you to step into it. It is like that song that repeats in your head all day.

The Field of Play is where we connect with each other, consolidate learning, and co-create our wildest dreams. And most importantly, …

Children thrive when their parents create a space to chill out.

Have you ever heard the saying, “a parent is only as happy as their least happy child?” If you don’t know, now you know. (h/t The Notorious B.I.G.) Well, the converse of that saying is also true: our kids don’t thrive when their parents are professional worriers, stress monsters, or are barely holding it together. A child is only as free to explore as their most stressed-out parent.

That is where we come in!

We help your family expand beyond what you have become. Our team offers tailor-made solutions for families who have tried tutors and therapists but have not come away with long-term results.

Our team is your family’s Support Team. Once we begin working with a new family, we become a dedicated Mastermind Group that is always on call to brainstorm with you.

Each member of our clinical team has extensive experience working with learning and behavior in private practice and in schools. We each possess expertise in more than one area:

  • Dr. Zeitlin: Parent Coaching, Therapy, Restorative Practices.
  • Dr. Hodas: Psychoeducational Evaluation, Executive Function Coaching.
  • Ms. Gidaro: Behavior Consultation, Therapy with teens.
  • Ms. Czyzewicz, Operations Associate: Our team’s support team.

The Bottom Line: Our team makes a stand for the parents who dare to nurture their family cultures, the “gardens” in which our future leaders and innovators are grown. The families whom we support aren’t just raising healthy, happy, independent adults. We are invested in your kids becoming the next generation’s super-parents.

When you are ready to enter the Field of Play, call us. We are always ready to go!


Dr. Robert Zeitlin
Positive Psychologist
The Emotional Intelligence Coach for Fathers

P.S. I’ve been on this mission for a while now.

photo credit: Robert Collins/Unsplash