Sometimes you just can’t win some fatherhood challenges

two kids playing with water having fun Fatherhood challenges and ego

Fatherhood is ego-bruising work. Isn’t it weird? I KNOW that I’m an expert but my kids make me FEEL like a complete novice.

You manage a team at work. You exceed expectations. But this morning, you could barely manage to get the kids to school on time.

The kids I counseled in my private practice told me that I was easy to talk to. But the feedback from my own kids wasn’t so rosy.

One day I would hear, “don’t therapize me!” when I was about to give them feedback. Another day, “Don’t just uh-huh me. You’re this great therapist! Tell me what to do.”

I was just working hard to listen!

I couldn’t win.

Fatherhood delivers one blow after another to your ego. It can be rough.

Disoriented dads ask me, “When does this phase end?”

My short answer: move your goalposts.

If you are doing it right, parenting SHOULD be disorienting sometimes. If your ego needs more atta-boys, go master a hobby or find a team sport.

Fatherhood is a constant learning journey.

Encountering new, bigger challenges is a mark of your success, not failure.

photo credit: Ashton Bingham/Unsplash