Dad Bod is Not Destiny

For Dads who feel like yoga and stretching don’t do anything…

For Dads who need to sweat to feel fit…

For Dads who fall back to a single fitness goal: to bench press twice their weight…

I’m not a trainer but I do know what doesn’t work: starting and stopping, going after fads, and committing to crazy diets.

I am a fitness enthusiast on a constant vigil to avoid the obesity that plagued my relatives in their adult years.

I may not be a fitness trainer but I am an Emotional Intelligence Coach who also has enjoyed a long athletic career, playing an intense field sport (Ultimate Frisbee) into my 50’s. Both of these identities taught me a lot about how to stay fit as a Dad.

Like you, I have searched for a single “formula” for fitness.

There were times when the only thing I did at the gym was the StairMaster. My endurance got better but my strength languished.

And there were times when I got stronger from lifting weights but I felt less and less flexible.

There were times that I did more yoga and stopped running. My balance and flexibility improved but my stamina dropped off a cliff.

The last few years, I fell in love with running but I felt like the cardiovascular benefit plateaued and then faded.

What does work? What is the formula to being a fit Dad?

I learned that it required new habits that kept all four areas (strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility) in focus. To achieve that focus, you have to start by putting your finger on the real problem:

You can’t use shortcuts to get back in shape or depend on metabolism in the same way that you could 10 years ago.

Your lifestyle, financial pressures, and the stress that comes with being a responsible adult conspire to:

  • leave you less time for activity
  • create more opportunities to eat sweeter and fattier foods

At the same time, you may have a creeping fear like the one that drove me: my Dad Bod keeps me from getting the attention that I used to attract a few years ago, leaving me less desirable and less deserving of love.

Every time a new plan didn’t work, it made things worse. I felt like there was no way out of a cycle of fitness fails.

I started to believe that my Dad Bod was destiny.

Then I found the combination of insights and habits that helped me turn things around. Now I share them in a group program to help other Dads.

The truth is that you are more than your genes or age. You are not destined to be less fit. You just need to learn some new tricks.

The Be The Best Dad Ever program helps you get out of your own way and face the real problem head-on.

As a result, you can be clear to:
– find fun in whatever you do that day
– let go of results
– put in work every day
– decide how to make eating fit into your lifestyle

When you are ready to get off the hamster wheel of not-good-enough, register for the next session of Be The Best Dad Ever to find the support you need to:

    • Get 1% stronger than you were yesterday.
    • Improve your balance by 1%.
    • Gain 1% more endurance than you had yesterday.
    • Get 1% closer to touching your toes than you could yesterday.

Willpower is a limited resource. Shift your mindset and change everything. Register now!